Mental Health Support at the MLC

The West Valley School District has partnered up with Catholic Charities to provide mental and behavioral support for our students. Guadalupe Huitron-Lilly is a school-based mental health therapist at the West Valley Middle Level Campus. Her primary mission is to serve students and to provide mental and behavioral health support for the students who may need them. She has been educated and trained to address areas such as childhood depression, anxiety, trauma, behavioral challenges, and more.

What it is:

Guadalupe hosts sessions with students during school to address the challenges in front of them. Her sessions are a safe space for students to freely express themselves and learn about what barriers they may be facing.

How it works:

There are a number of ways that a student can come to meet with Guadalupe, but the most popular method is through referral. The MLC has structed what they call, “Care Teams,” to identify students who may benefit from additional support services including meeting with Guadalupe. Care Teams are made up of individuals who have pre-existing relationships with the student – such as teachers, counselors, and other administrative staff. They have all been trained to look out for signs from students to determine if they may need extra support.

After a referral has been made, Guadalupe learns more by talking with teachers and staff about the referred student. If she believes the student can benefit from extra support, she will contact the student’s family to discuss how she can assist their student.

Parents can also refer their student for extra support by contacting MLC counselors or vice principals.

Staying Virtual and Connected:

Middle Level Campus Students participating online may also meet with Guadalupe via Zoom. Care Teams also comprise of instructors who are teaching virtually. However, parents of an online student can also refer their student to MLC counselors and vice principals.

As we are entering our two-week winter break, Guadalupe will continue to work and meet with in person and online students over zoom.

If a student does not have stable or reliable internet access, Guadalupe also offers sessions for students over the phone.

Get connected:

Parents can contact MLC counselors or vice principals if they would like to refer their student to meet with Guadalupe for mental and behavioral health services.

A Note from Guadalupe:

“Meeting with a therapist is something that’s very new for a lot of young students. If your student has been referred, but is uncertain about participating, they are always welcome to try one or two sessions to see if it is something for them. There’s never any pressure to participate or not.”