Professional Development "In Action"

Feb 28, 2024

Professional development “in action” at the West Valley Mid-Level Campus

During adolescence, students balance a desire for independence with the need to belong. Community circles are a classroom practice that is used to build a sense of community at the West Valley Mid-Level Campus.

Through a grant from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, William Blackwell, Jr. has visited classrooms at the Mid-Level Campus through the 2023/24 school year to assist teachers with the implementation of community circles. Mr. Blackwell is a former NFL football player, mentor, radio personality, public speaker, and coach. He has over 15 years of experience working with students in different roles. Most recently, Mr. Blackwell served as the restorative justice facilitator at a high school in California.

Mr. Blackwell has visited our Mid-Level Campus each month during the school year to assist staff with the implementation of restorative justice practices. Staff received training on these practices at the beginning of the school year. School administration ensured that the training was not done in isolation. Our administrators arranged for follow-up with classroom-based, technical assistance that has been provided by William Blackwell, Jr. throughout the school year. This dynamic person is making a difference for our students and staff at the West Valley Mid-Level Campus.

Mr. Blackwell with students
Mr. Blackwell in the classroom
Mr. Blackwell is making a difference