The WVMS Library is open to students 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Students may come to the library:

  • Before the 1st-period bell
  • During lunch free time
  • After 6th period

Occasionally, we need to close the library for class use or staff meetings. 'Closed' signs will be posted on the doors

When the library is open, students may use a computer to:

  • Check grades
  • Visit school and teacher websites
  • Complete school assignments

Library Computers

Students have personal logins and passwords to access any school computer and "make it their own" for that class period. Students must use school authorized research links. If searching via Google, Bing, etc. students should use an internet evaluation form prior to utilizing information from a website.

Authorized Search Links:

  • Username: msstudent
  • Password: respect

  • Username: 24-36468
  • Password: bigchalk

  • Username: wvms
  • Password: respect

Citation Machine:


  • Username: wvms
  • Password: respect

Reading levels

Reading levels are written on the back cover page of most WVMS books

Library books.example: RL 4.0

These levels are important to each student. Students should read within their reading range or a little above. Students will know their reading range after completing the reading test, which is administered throughout the school year.

WVMS Library owns some Young Adult reading level books. These books may occasionally have mature themes. If parents would like to block their child from checking out these books, please contact Ms. Smart in the library at. (509) 972-5700.

Books on hold

  1. If a student wants to check out a book that is presently unavailable, and WVMS owns the title, the student may put the book "on hold" by:
    • Stopping by the library and asking Ms. Smart or Mrs. Harpel to put a hold on the title.
    • Signing on to OPAC, using their student username and password and placing a hold on the title.

When the book becomes available, the student's name will be written on a paper slip, placed with the book, and placed on the "HOLD" shelf in the library. It is up to the student to look for their title and carry it to the checkout counter before exiting the library. Holds do expire, so please make sure to check the hold shelf every few days.

  1. If a student wants to check out a book that is presently not owned by WVMS but is available at another West Valley secondary school library, the student may put the book "on hold" using the same process as explained above. To perform a search for books available at other secondary schools, sign on to OPAC and select "all secondary schools" from the library drop down tool to locate the title.
    • The student signs on to OPAC and drops down the library tool to "all secondary schools" to locate the title.

We encourage WVMS students to primarily check out books from our library, since the reading levels are more age and grade appropriate, but there are special occasions for interlibrary loans.