Staff Spotlight: Kylee Bersing

Sep 21, 2023

Staff Spotlight: Kylee Bersing, West Valley Middle School

Kylee Bersing teaches sixth grade students for math at West Valley Middle School. Kylee is in her fifth year of teaching. Her roots trace back to Selah High School where she graduated a few years ago. In addition to her teaching, Kylee is a loving mother of three children and shares her home with a furry companion, Duke. Beyond her role in the classroom, Kylee has discovered a passion for capturing life's precious moments through photography, showcasing her creativity and artistry. Working in a middle school setting has been an exceptional experience for Kylee thus far. She thrives on collaboration with outstanding educators and is constantly inspired by the incredible potential she sees in her students. Kylee is not just a teacher – she is a mentor, a mother, an artist, and a true believer in the transformative power of education. West Valley Middle School is excited to have Kylee as part of our Ramily!